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About Whick Reserve Ltd.

Laughing so hard you cry. Breakfast for dinner. Candles and whiskey. Sometimes the best combinations in life don't seem to go together at first, but actually do, perfectly. 

For us a lot is created over a glass of bourbon—laughs, friendship and the idea for Whick Reserve Ltd. Guided by the idea that you can still build something from the ground up with American made products, we launched Whick Reserve in 2020 (yeah... we know) to celebrate our two favorite pours. The pouring of wax for a quality candle and the pouring of a good glass of whiskey. 

We put countless hours testing wax and blending hundreds of different scent combinations until we found the perfect balance of whiskey and vanilla that serves as the base for every Whick Reserve fragrance; an authentic celebration of "the art of the pours" that will also smell great in your home.

Every Whick is made from premium soy wax and clean fragrance oils in small batches, hand poured right here in the United States from American made products. After more than 50 hours of burn time, pour yourself a glass of your favorite whiskey in the reusable rocks glass. Proceeds from each Whick support Tuesday's Children--an organization that provides a lifetime of healing for families who have been forever changed by terrorism, military conflict or mass violence--and are backed by the Whick Reserve Promise.